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I'm a travel addicted, creative obsessed, table games dealer and author in beautiful Las Vegas, NV. I've been writing most of my life and can honestly say having met so many other incredible authors I do not fit the general stereotype.

I am an extreme extrovert. I try to be active as often as possible, riding my bicycle and training for obstacle courses. As a true tomboy I am happiest when out getting dirty and enjoying putting on a show. I have a performance job that puts me front and center for thousands of people each year. 

I love sports, especially hockey (Go Knights Go!). I live to travel and as far as I'm concerned there is a way to put a piece of myself in everything I write. People hear about my life and always say "You should write a book!" well I have, in fact I am working on several. But I am only a tiny part. I take inspiration from everyone and everywhere that touches my life. 

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