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Welcome to Writingforces

Thank you for joining me! I can't wait to share my stories as well as a little bit of the creative spice that flavors my life.

What people are saying...


Praise for Survivor :

"This story is not for the faint of heart. I am proud beyond words of Renee for putting this story on paper, because I understand firsthand just how difficult it can be. This heartbreaking tale of a young girl, named Jasmine, you will find yourself crying and feel her pain so deeply. She is a survivor, much like the author who wrote it.

I wish that this subject matter, domestic violence, was more prevalent in our world, because it is more prevalent than most people realize. Renee has taken a stand with this novel and I feel it will do great things."


Never Give Up:

"This book is one of healing. As a ballerina is injured with the prospects of never dancing again, the story injects hope into the reader, hoping that the main character can dance again. It's definitely a book that should be read by many people - INSPIRATIONAL!"

Just Deal With It: 

"As a longtime Vegas local (and frequent visitor before that), I've spent way too much time and money on the player's side of the table. Often, I've found myself wondering what the dealers think about the whole cereal scene. Well, now I know, thanks to veteran dealer Renee Jean's "Just Deal With It"."

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